Hypnotherapy FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I retain control in a hypnosis session?

Yes! You are in total control of what is said and done during a session. Hypnosis is described as being "100x more awake" so you will be totally aware of everything that is happening and what you say.

Why are sessions up to three hours long?

In my experience as a healer, I find that it is important to not rush the healing process. The inner work we do in the session is deep and profound, and we must navigate it gently and patiently. 

How will I feel afterwards?

Expect to feel sleepy and dreamy for the rest of the day afterwards. Please try to take the day easily to allow yourself to process and integrate. The healing is immediate but some clients may take time to see the results reflected back to them.

I want to schedule but I'm nervous.

It is perfectly okay to feel nervous! The healing work can be scary to face but I'd love to remind you how brave you are. I encourage you to push past the initial fear and remember that I will be there with you every step of the way ensuring that you feel safe and supported as we help you level up and step into your power. 

How do I know if I need a Present Life or a Past Life Regression?

In order to eliminate the guess-work from the equation, we allow the subconscious to guide us to where we need to go during the session. In some cases it is possible to do both present life and past life regression in the same session.

Can I eat before my session?

Yes! It is recommended you eat before your session so you are not distracted by your hunger during the hypnosis.

I am not spiritual or don't neccessarily believe in past lives, can regression hypnotherapy still work for me?

Absolutely! You do not need to hold any specific beliefs or be spiritual for hypnotherapy to work for you. It is best to be open to the experience and be willing to act as a non-biased witness to the unfolding of what ever comes up for you. If it helps, look at the experiences as metaphors that are guiding you towards profound healing lessons. 

Do you accept trades, payment plans, or low income discounts?

Currently, my pricing is on a sliding-scale from $85-$100. Most hypnotherapists charge anywhere from $150-$500 per session. I strive to keep my services affordable while also accounting for my time and energy as sessions are 3 hours in duration.

I am currently unable to offer payment plans but feel free to send me a message on social media or by email for special accommodations. @cosmichealingshop c.cosmichealings@gmail.com 


More FAQ's coming soon

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