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Remote Regression Hypnotherapy - Present/Past Life - Online Video Call - 2.5 Hour Session $100-125 Sliding Scale

Remote Regression Hypnotherapy - Present/Past Life - Online Video Call - 2.5 Hour Session $100-125 Sliding Scale

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Hypnotherapy is a powerful healing technique that guides the participant into a deep state of relaxation where the subconscious mind can express itself freely ✩

During hypnosis, clients gain a heightened awareness to more effectively discover the answers regarding what they wish to improve in their life. This allows an opportunity for deep inner healing, spiritual clarity, and eye opening resolutions.

This Listing is for a Remote Session. The hypnotherapy is conducted through video on Zoom. Appointment times are in Mountain Standard Time (MST).

Provide your email at scheduling to receive confirmation and the meeting room code. Check Spam Folders if you do not receive an email after booking.

Topics that can be addressed in hypnotherapy:
  • Mother/Father Wounds
  • Relationship Patterns
  • Childhood Trauma
  • Grief and Loss
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Life Purpose
  • Money Mentality
  • Mindset Blockages
  • Soul Contracts
  • And Much More
Addiction Counseling Hypnotherapy Coming Soon

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*Low Income/Minority Discount Codes for Pay Online & Remote sessions.

Select the code based on what you are able to afford: 95HYPNO ($95 Session), 100HYPNO ($100), 110HYPNO ($110)

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Remote meeting link will be emailed to prior to our session.

What's Included in the Session

This listing is for a full inclusive hypnosis session. The session can include a combination of the following depending on what's best suited:

  • Present Life and/or Past Life Regression
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Energy Reset Aura Cleansing
  • Spirit Guide / Higher Self Messages

Will it be a Present or a Past Life Regression?

It will be determined during the session. The subconscious will decide as we follow it to its emotional priority. It is not uncommon to experience both a present and past life regression in the same session.

What to Expect

The session can last 2.5 - 3 hours in total.

We conduct a pre-interview to discuss your goals and the hypnosis itself lasts up to 90 minutes. We conclude with a 15-30 min integration and post interview. These are in-depth sessions that reveal a lot!

How to Prepare

Release any expectations and try to arrive with an open mind :)

Come dressed comfortably, hydrate, and expect to feel sleepy/dreamy for the rest of the day afterwards ♡

Clients are responsible for setting up a space where they can settle down and relax while in view of the camera. Headphones or Bluetooth headphones are recommended to ensure my voice can be heard, the client is heard, and block out outside noise that could distract from the session.

Who are these sessions NOT for?

Currently, my sessions are not intended for those innocently curious about their past lives as my sessions are not sight seeing journeys. Rather, they are intended for deep healing for personal, emotional, and mental growth related to the topics listed above and in addition to other healing themes and subject matters.

About the Hypnotherapist

My name is Captain Cosmic and I am a certified Present and Past Life Hypnotherapist as of December 2021.

I have over ten years experience in the spiritual wellness field as a Psychic Reader, Theta Healer, and Reiki energy healing practitioner.

Helping others find healing, peace, and relief is my core mission and passion in this life. My desire is to see the beautiful people of this Earth awaken to their own powers and gifts so they may live a wondrous life withtranquillity in their hearts.

Follow-up Sessions

Some healing journeys may require multiple sessions in order to be fully resolved, therefore I am offering a discounted listing for those who want to conduct follow-up session(s) to deepen the work. 

COMING SOON: Book a follow-up session for $85, this offer can be redeemed up to two times within one month of the original session. Follow-up sessions are 2 hours in duration.

Link to book follow-up:

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