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Spiritual Business Coaching - 60 Minute Remote Session

Spiritual Business Coaching - 60 Minute Remote Session

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A Personalized Business Coaching Session with Spirituality in Mind

60 minute Session

Do you ever feel like you need a mentor? Someone who has had first hand experience and can provide guidance and support?

This offer is designed to personally assist individuals in a 1 on 1 setting with the intention of creating or expanding their business.

Whether you are stuck, lost, in planning mode, or just want an accountability partner—Captain is here to provide practical tools for your breakthrough and success.

Use this offer as often as you’d like! Captain uses a combination of intuition, channeled messages, and practical advice to provide you information that can propel you forward on your path. 

Captain has developed and grown her own business as a spiritual entrepreneur over the last five years as her full-time purpose. Being her own boss has allowed her freedom with her creativity and with her time. If you are ready to take your business (or future business) to the next level, Captain has the personal experience to help make it happen.

Topics that are available for mentorship:

Getting Your Business License & LLC/EIN

Social Media, Website, and Selling Online

Building Your Brand / Business

Attracting & Retaining Clients

Photography and Graphic Design

Vending or In-Person Interactions

Charging Your Worth

And so much more! 

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